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Needle bearing
Needle bearing
Needle bearing is a roller bearing with cylindrical roller, and its diameter is long and thin. This roller is called a needle roller. Although the bearing has a relatively high load bearing capacity with smaller cross sections, it is especially suitable for occasions with limited radial space.
Definition of needle bearing
The needle roller contours are slightly contracted at the near end. The result of contact correction of needle roller and raceway can avoid destructive edge stress. The bearing roller bearing is a thick wall outer ring. Through high temperature and high nitrogen quenching, the high precision separation roller is guided by the high rigid outer ring. Using linear contact, the roller can be easily rotated on the raceway and can bear huge load. In order to remove the stress, the outer ring of the supporting roller is designed by the arc surface. The curve roller has a variety of specifications, such as single, double sealing ring, no seal ring, sealing ring and so on. The sealing ring has large space for storing grease, provides long term lubrication for lithium grease, and extends the lubrication interval. The sealing ring is made of NBR or ST12 with skeleton, and its operating temperature ranges from -30 to C +100 to C or -30 to C +180 to C. The tightly packed curve roller can withstand heavy loads and high performance operation. RSTO outer ring without retaining ring, without inner ring bearing roller

Features and uses of needle roller bearings:
The needle bearing is equipped with a thin and long roller (the roller diameter D < < 5mm, L/D > 2.5, L as the roller length). Therefore, the radial structure is compact, its inner diameter and load capacity are the same as other types of bearings, and the outer diameter is the smallest, especially suitable for the bearing bearing, which is restricted by the radial installation size. According to the different use situation, the bearing or needle roller and the cage assembly can be selected. At this time, the surface of the shaft neck and the outer surface of the shell are directly used as the inner and outer rolling surface of the bearing, so as to ensure the same load and running performance as the bearing ring bearing, the hardness of the surface of the axle or the outer shell hole raceway, and the machining accuracy. And the surface quality should be similar to the raceway of the bearing ring. This kind of bearing can only bear radial load.
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